upskillable’s experience of participating in the MISK Virtual Job Fair

upskillable’s experience of participating in the MISK Virtual Job Fair

April 27th, 2020 / upskillable

We recently participated in the MISK Virtual Job Fair which was held on the 15th and 16th of April. Its aim was to connect employers with job seekers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most of the job seekers were fresh graduates and employers were able to meet, connect, and interview these job seekers. The job seekers could also visit the various virtual booths of each of the employers and apply for the jobs that were being offered. In total, there were 58 employers representing both the public and private sectors, which included local and multinational entities that were all hiring.

companies that participated in theMISK virtual job fair-vfair-saudi
Few of the Top Participating Companies.


We were incredibly glad that MISK reached out to us to participate along with other great companies like STC, Bloomberg, Saudi Civil Aviation Holding Company, Riyad Bank, Ernst & Young, HungerStation, IKEA, Mckinsey & Company, and so many others. Nearly 100 job seekers applied for the jobs we were offering and most of them have already completed the respective Job Fit challenges for their positions that assessed their cognitive abilities, work-related skills, personalities, and their abilities to make the right decisions based on real-life situational scenarios that happen at work.

upskillable booth at MISK Vfair
upskillable’s Booth in MISK Vfair


The upskillable CEO Dr. Taghreed Alsaraj was very impressed with the event, the creativity of the organizers, and the quality of the job applicants that expressed interest in working with us and said,

“This virtual fair is one of the innovative ways that organizations in Saudi Arabia are adjusting due to COVID-19. Upskillable was happy to be asked to participate because It was a great opportunity to see how MISK leveraged technology to create an effective job fair virtually. This online job fair and other technologies like upskillable create a real paradigm shift in how we tackle employment in the age of COVID-19 and beyond in Saudi Arabia.”

auditoriam at MISK virtual job fair-saudi
MISK Vfair Virtual Auditorium for Keynote Speeches.


We certainly enjoyed setting up our booth environment and interacting with all of the job seekers. It truly reinforced what we believe in the future and our overall mission to connect talented candidates to great employers. We look forward to participating in more of these kinds of events in the future.

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