The Top 3 Things Pre-employment Personality Assessments Need To Answer

The Top 3 Things Pre-employment Personality Assessments Need To Answer

December 12th, 2018 / admin / 0 comments

At upskillable, we’re all about automating the candidate screening process. We believe there are possibly different ways to do this, but most of the ways we’ve seen are still using the CV and keywords to match candidates to possible positions. That may be great to some, but we feel it’s antiquated and still doesn’t help you determine if someone can do the job or not. As CV screening no longer works, managers started to use technology to pre-screen candidates using personality or job fit assessments.

The top 3 things a hiring manager, recruiter, or anyone hiring inside an organization need to know are the following:

Does the person have the right personality to be able to succeed in the job? This doesn’t have to include every aspect of personality because that would be incredibly broad, however, we do need to know how the person behaves in various situations.

We also need to know where the person’s passions lie and if the motivations that job requires and provides are in agreement with what the values and/or motivations that the candidate requires and provides.

Finally, we need to understand what causes people to make the decisions they make. These are intangible qualities that can be profiled.

By clearly understanding personality across these dimensions it’s easier to make informed decisions about who the person is your organization is looking to hire.

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