Product Update: Commenting on Hiring Pipeline, Remote Jobs & More Personalization Options

Product Update: Commenting on Hiring Pipeline, Remote Jobs & More Personalization Options

February 12th, 2020 / upskillable

We deeply care about improving your hiring experience using upskillable. So, we’ve updated our features & made significant improvements.

1. Make internal discussion to review candidates: As you already know, we have integrated candidate pipeline which simplifies candidate tracking and monitoring the hiring progress. Now, you can review & share your feedback about any candidate at each stage and start a discussion with fellow colleagues. Thus, you can keep a track of everyone’s comment & reduce the number of physical meetings which will save a lot fo your time and resources.

candidate pipeline comment

2. Personalize your organization account: You can now upload your organization’s logo to make your account more personalized.

Org logo upload1


Org logo upload2

3. Add attachments in prescreening questions: You can add attachments as PDF files in prescreening questions. It allows you more options to prescreen candidates. For example, you can upload your terms & conditions, privacy policy or legal procedures and prescreen candidates based on their agreement to the following conditions.

4. Hire remote employees: Now, upskillable allows organizations to hire remote employees by creating remote jobs for them.

Remote job hiring


About upskillable: upskillable is a Smart Recruitment Platform that leverages AI, Psychometric & Skills assessments to screen & qualify the best talent in as little as 20 days or less. Our newly released ‘Team Insights’ module will help the organization understand the behaviors, motivations, personality strengths, and areas of development of its current employees.

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