Product Update: Managed Service and Team Insights

Product Update: Managed Service and Team Insights

January 2nd, 2020 / upskillable

You said you wanted them, so we made sure we delivered our latest two new upskillable features.

Finding great talent has never been easier with our new Managed Service: Our team ensures your organization effectively leverages the power of upskillable to find the best talent by getting you set up quickly and then manages your recruitment process so your organization can start hiring people in as little as 20 days depending on the type of talent being hired.

How it works: Your recruitment staff from talent acquisition simply share your organization’s hiring requirements with us and one of our dedicated recruitment consultants will take it from there. We’ll set up your organization on upskillable, list your jobs on our job board, Google jobs, Indeed, Bayt, LinkedIn, and others. We then source candidates for you that are screened against the job requirements. Those that pass the pre-screening take our patent-pending job fit assessment and upon completion, we’ll provide you with a curated list of candidates based on their job fit scores and complete assessment results, which you will proceed to interview. For more complicated positions, we also assist you with scheduling interviews, conducting salary negotiations, and conducting reference checks if required.


We’re sure your organization will love our new managed service and we invite you to see all Plan types for ‘Managed Service’ to get started.

Now you can assess your internal employees: We listened to your numerous requests for the ability to assess your current staff and that’s why we are launching our new Team Insights feature. Some of our customers have already been doing this in a non-optimal way, so Team Insights should make it much easier to understand the behaviors, motivations, personality strengths, and areas of development of your current employees.  We know it’s important to understand the personalities of your teams in order to understand their overall preferences, the personalities of individual teams, and what motivational differences that may exist between individuals, teams, and departments within your organization.

Our new team insights module has automatically been enabled for organizations that have been using our Job Fit module while in private beta and will be slated for wider release once we obtain the feedback from our existing customers.

About upskillable: upskillable helps organizations hire qualified candidates in as little as 20 days or less. We use our Smart Recruitment Platform to quickly reduce recruitment funnels and rapidly help organizations understand which candidates are most suitable for specific job roles.

Make the hiring process easier and more efficient with upskillable

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