Do It Yourself Skills Assessments, Candidate Challenges & Assessment Result Download.

Do It Yourself Skills Assessments, Candidate Challenges & Assessment Result Download.

July 9th, 2020 / upskillable

First of all, the entire upskillable team hopes you and your loved ones are safe and making the best of the prolonged lockdown. We’re almost there and believe we can come out of this global pandemic very soon.

Trying to stay positive and busy is important to our team so we have been working remotely to improve the way you use upskillable. We’ve come up with quite a few big changes in our software that you are going to find handy. (Check out the previous updates.)

Create your own assessments: This has been something requested by all our corporate users. We used to cocreate all assessments for our users and upload them on upskillable. With the latest release, we’ve given you the complete freedom to create any type of skills assessment with custom made questions.

Candidate Challenge: upskillable Challenge is a domain-specific test where candidates get the chance to showcase their expertise and level of skill. upskillable Challenge consists of a basic screening, cognitive assessment, and domain-specific skill assessment.

upskillable Challenge accelerates the recruitment process by connecting you with screened and assessed candidates instantly after posting your job.

When candidates take the Challenge, their scores are saved, and as an employer, you can see who matches your job immediately after posting. This demonstrates candidate employability and speeds up the hiring process connecting assessed candidates with recruiters.

Improved assessment result dashboard: We’ve taken feedback from our clients and have simplified our assessments result dashboard to make it easier to understand. The score summary section is segmented based on Personality, Cognitive & Skills scores. Also, we’ve created separate graphical representations for Behavior, Motivations, Decision Making Strength, and Cognitive score. This allows you to easily compare candidates in each psychological area.

Flexible assessment choice: You now have the freedom to choose a combination of assessment types to match your hiring process. You can now assess people across multiple dimensions based on your organization’s needs. There are five combinations of assessments that you can choose from:

Job Fit: (Personality + Cognitive + Skills assessments)
Skills Fit: (Skills + Cognitive assessments)
Personality Fit: (Cognitive + Personality assessments)
Personality: (Behaviour + Motivation + Strength)
Skills: (Only skills assessment)

This functionality has broadened the scope of our assessment usage. You can now assess people across multiple dimensions based on your requirements.

Assessment result download: After receiving feedback multiple times on this, we now allow you to download or export the candidate assessment result page as PDF. This has made the job easier for you to review and analyze the results without logging into the software each time. Also, the beautifully designed result page PDF is now much easier to share with other team members across the organization.

About upskillable: upskillable is a People Analytics Cloud that leverages Psychometric & Skills assessments to screen & qualify the best talent. Our newly released ‘Team Insights’ module will help the organization understand the behaviors, motivations, personality strengths, and areas of development of its current employees.

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