How viewing your assessment results could help you.

How viewing your assessment results could help you.

October 7th, 2020 / upskillable

upskillable has recently introduced the feature to allow its candidates to view their assessment results by logging into their respective accounts. This feature now makes it a lot easier for the candidates to view how well they have performed in each segment of their assessments and whether they suit the job they’ve applied for.

Our assessments are separated into three segments–one that would assess your skills for your respective job, a cognitive segment that would tap into your thought process and intellectual potential, and a segment which would assess your personality profile. These segments will allow employers to make an informed decision and choose the best-fit candidate, who would usually have a fair amount of good expected traits in each segment.

The results of these assessments are also presented segment-wise so as to allow the applicant to view the areas he/she was being tested in. Mostly presented in different types of graph forms, the result page presents how well the candidate performed in each area of each segment. However, the result page is not limited to just these results.

Other than presenting the results to the candidates, the page also shows different aspects of the candidate’s behavior and characteristics, including but not limited to, preferred work style and environment, the natural behavior of the applicant, and a thorough analysis of his/her strengths.

Candidates can use this strength analysis and take informed initiatives to upskill themselves.

One of the most important features of this page however, is the displaying of the applicant’s areas of improvement.

The system provides the candidate with a thorough list of what areas he/she needs to improve on. This allows the candidate to look at those traits and work on improving them.

These assessment results, though shown in much detailed way, also allows the employer to help the candidate by providing training or other materials should the applicant be hired. It can serve as a reference for the applicant in future endeavors and allow him/her to avoid following bad patterns and habits.

This feature can also be very useful in one-on-one coaching sessions and can be tailored to facilitate insightful exploration discussions. Also, it can be used in career counselling, planning and management programs to empower applicants to make an informed decision about their future or current career prospects.

upskillable constantly works to make candidates more employable. By providing detailed analysis and feedback on any assessment taken, candidates can double down on strengths, work on weaknesses and seek appropriate training in order to excel.

If you’ve taken any upskillable assessment ever, login to your account and see the result insights. If you haven’t taken any assessment yet, check our Candidate Page, take an assessment and automatically get refereed to great employers.

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